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[Review] Rock Your Finances with

re your finances a tangled maze of information? Tired of signing in and out of multiple banking websites just to check your balances? Wish there was a way to get the “big picture” of where you are financially? That is precisely the problem that set out to solve when it launched in September of […]

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How Saying NO Can Get You A Raise

Moxy talked to Jim Camp via email to get some tips for our readers on negotiating a pay raise. His biggest tip may surprise you. Camp is president and CEO of The Camp Negotiation Institute and a renowned negotiation coach to businesses and governments worldwide. He is author of The Power of NO, a 6-CD […]

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The Art of Bargaining

The purchase of an item that you love is even better when you get it for a bargain. Andy Warhol, who some may say was the original shopaholic, used to ask friends to shop with him in a variety of venues and took great joy in hearing about other peoples’ shopping trips (for more on the shopping obsessed, check out Spent by Avis Cardella). Whether you relate to Andy and Avis, or if you just enjoy saving money, there are lessons to be learned about being a wise buyer.

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The B Word: Budget

Contrary to common belief, budgeting isn’t about what you can’t have–instead, it’s about what you can have… with a little careful planning. Whether you’re saving for a new car, hoping to buy a house, looking to start a new business or just really like the newest Coach bag, you have to have money in order […]

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