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Top 5: Profiling Fictional Shoppers

When it comes to shopping, even the most hesitant consumer has a particular style. This month Moxy chooses five characters from television and film whose behavior in a retail environment highlights a certain type of customer. Whether we’re examining the shopper who is simply looking through the glass, with no intention to buy, or the shopaholic, who buys and buys in a blind frenzy, these five characters show that the act of shopping is far more than just a simple transaction.

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Sign up for Savings

Where do you look if you want to buy dinner cruise tickets, a week of in-home cleaning services, ten belly-dancing classes and a session of liposuction—and get 50-90% off the retail price all in the same place? On any of the dozen-plus coupon or deal-a-day websites that have popped up in the past couple years. […]

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Is Your Credit Score A Healthy Number?

I’ve always wondered if people would pay more attention to their credit score if they wrote the number on a sticky note and walked around with it displayed on their forehead. Everybody is so focused on weight, which people can judge you by immediately, but most ignore their credit score because it’s not something that anyone can see on a daily basis.

People don’t realize they have a bad score until they need a really good score. Then, kind of like trying to lose 5 pounds in 3 days for a hot date, you want to quickly improve your credit score–but it’s not that easy.

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Bridal Bargaining

Danielle* was planning her dream wedding — white sand beaches, a warm Caribbean locale, cool ocean breeze, 10 or 15 of her closest family members…then she woke up!  Danielle and her fiancé had thought that when they were ready to tie the knot, they would do so according to their own dream; an intimate celebration […]

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