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[Review] Rock Your Finances with

re your finances a tangled maze of information? Tired of signing in and out of multiple banking websites just to check your balances? Wish there was a way to get the “big picture” of where you are financially? That is precisely the problem that set out to solve when it launched in September of […]

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How Saying NO Can Get You A Raise

Moxy talked to Jim Camp via email to get some tips for our readers on negotiating a pay raise. His biggest tip may surprise you. Camp is president and CEO of The Camp Negotiation Institute and a renowned negotiation coach to businesses and governments worldwide. He is author of The Power of NO, a 6-CD […]

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Top 5: Profiling Fictional Shoppers

When it comes to shopping, even the most hesitant consumer has a particular style. This month Moxy chooses five characters from television and film whose behavior in a retail environment highlights a certain type of customer. Whether we’re examining the shopper who is simply looking through the glass, with no intention to buy, or the shopaholic, who buys and buys in a blind frenzy, these five characters show that the act of shopping is far more than just a simple transaction.

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Sign up for Savings

Where do you look if you want to buy dinner cruise tickets, a week of in-home cleaning services, ten belly-dancing classes and a session of liposuction—and get 50-90% off the retail price all in the same place? On any of the dozen-plus coupon or deal-a-day websites that have popped up in the past couple years. […]

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