Women today are re-defining words like mentorship, responsibility and success. Instead of fitting into a pre-designed stereotype, they’ll have their promotion and a clean kitchen too.

The modern woman works hard to be independent, but understands the value of community. She will define success for herself, in the office, at home, and in remote locations around the world. She lives by her own rules and knows she is in charge of shaping her own future. She is passionate about many things and creates a  lifestyle that integrates it all. She is full of big ideas and seizes the opportunity to create her life and to contribute globally. Her belief in women’s rights doesn’t just apply to her career–it’s about her right to be a stay-at-home mom or travel the world or both. Seamstress or corporate CEO–it’s about following wherever her passions lead her.

It takes balls to dream that big. At Moxy Magazine we’re dedicated to helping women bridge the gap between where they are today and where they’ll be tomorrow.